Celebrating One Year in the ‘Life’

One year ago today I began my life as a full-time whore. This has me thinking a great deal about the perceptions of sex work vs my experience of it, and how my life has changed since getting into this business.
I have met some wonderful people, had great experiences, lots of threesomes, lots of girl action, which I had a hard time finding before I became a courtesan. I have more time and money now, which are hot commodities for someone who is used to working long hours for low wages. I have gotten involved in some fabulous volunteer work, which kind of makes me the stereotypical ‘tart with a heart’, but whatever. Sometimes stereotypes have a grain of truth to them.
I remember one year ago today getting the call from the agency where I now work. I had applied online. I was still living in my crap apartment over the Greek restaurant. I had just walked out of my job at another Greek restaurant after telling off my tyrant of a boss. I was at home, in my ugliest lounge clothes, basically feeling sorry for myself and worrying about money. The agency called me and asked if I could come by for an interview and if I was willing to start that night. I sprang into action, shower, shave legs (a great feat in the Turkish Prison Shower), got on the bus and went to the office.
I had two clients that night: a traveling businessman with a micro penis and a young man with Yakuza tattoos and a coke habit. Both were respectful and nice. I went home with enough money to cover my rent. After that, I decided to give it three months. If I liked it, I would continue. If not, I would find another way to make money.
I have no regrets about getting into this work. It is a calling for me. It has been difficult at times, but more often, it’s been fantastic. The people in my life have been overwhelmingly supportive of my new vocation. Some have not, but everyone in my close circle has been great. Surprisingly, it has not prevented me from getting dates in my personal life. It has made me more picky about who I date and a little less likely to tolerate bad behaviour.


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