New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was a very liberating experience this year. Chris and I attended a party at the home of my Tantric teacher (he wasn’t yet my teacher at the time). The gatherings at Pierre’s house are always lively, involving dance, interesting conversations, laughter, and group meditation. 

 Chris and I branched off into separate parts of the house, she talked with a couple of the women at the party, leaving me free to mingle. This was where I met Josh, who would become my lover. We were sitting on one of the couches together and the bong was going around. We started talking, and things quickly went from friendly to flirtatious. 

 “Do you and Chris play with others?” He asked. 

 “Yes,” I said. “And you’re really sexy.”

 We kissed a bit on the couch. There was serious chemistry. 

 At this point, he started to whisper in my ear. “Do you like to be pinned down?”

 “Yes,” I said. My body became charged with greater sexual energy. He was strong, masculine, but gentle. I felt like I could trust him, which made things between us all the more erotic. 

 “I want to pin you to the bed and make you come over and over, until you ask me to stop,” he whispered. When he said that, a charge of energy passed through my body and I almost came right there. 

 I managed to say something semi-coherent about how great that sounded. 

 Soon after, one of the women in the group requested a group meditation. So Pierre, who had already had a bit to drink, called us all to sit in a circle for a guided meditation. It was a comical experience punctuated by a lot of ‘Oh, crap, I’m stoned, I don’t remember which part comes next’s and ‘oh, crap, this was a secret teaching I am not supposed to share yet. Don’t tell anyone’s. After the meditation, I was even more fired up.

 I spent time during the evening cuddling with Chris, Pierre, and Josh. After the meditation, the floor opened up for people to come up and share erotic dance. One woman blew our minds with a beautiful burlesque chair dance. Then Pierre got up and announced his intention to give someone a lap dance. Chris suggested that he give me the dance. 

 “Ok!” I said, marching to the centre of the room and sitting in the chair. 

 “Ok, hold on, I just need to find a thong,” he said. 

 He came back wearing nothing but a thong. I had never had a lap-dance before, and he was very liberal with his affection throughout the dance. I responded by giving him a few well-intentioned slaps on his very shapely backside. 

The party concluded with a group dance, which became ecstatic very quickly. I was kissing Josh, Chris, Pierre, and the sexual energy was building. Chris was kissing another woman, and I remember being struck by how beautiful it was to see them together. I started having orgasms right there on the floor, openly and vocally, while fully clothed. 

 It was that time of the month, but had it been any other time, I would have dragged Josh into one of the bedrooms and had my way with him right then and there. 

 After the dance, when I was about to leave, I approached Josh in the kitchen. “I’d like to continue this sometime,” I said, and asked for his number. He gave me his number and we kissed. With him, there was such passion, such intensity. Pierre came up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck, which is one of my intense erotic spots. “I’ve always wanted a man-harem,” I quipped, and they both laughed. “A man harem, huh?” Said Pierre. “Very nice.”

 I was struck by how liberating it felt to be in a group where I could be sexually expressive with a few people at a time without it being seen as destructive or hurtful, or causing conflict. In fact, it seemed to bring the group closer and be a bonding experience. I enjoyed it immensely. 


One thought on “New Year’s Eve

  1. lyttlebyrd says:

    I, too, really enjoy the instances where I can be in open groups and not have to worry about who may be watching and what they may be thinking… It’s one of my favorite tjings about being with the people I call my heart-family, that group of partners and close friends with whom I can be completely myself.

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