Learning and Transformation

I was away this weekend at a workshop on Tantric sexual practices. Being at the Buddhist centre and learning the meditation techniques triggered some spontaneous healing experiences. I don’t want to get into great detail now, but it was a very interesting weekend. I have a great Tantric teacher, and he has been a wonderful, caring friend, and a great support to me where my work is concerned.

He taught me meditation techniques for clearing my energy after seeing clients, which I have been practicing, and has encouraged me in my work as a sexual healer. Sometimes it is tough doing this sort of work in a society that does not value it, and his supportive words gave me a lot of comfort. We talked about the role of courtesans in the ancient world, and temple prostitutes and their sacred role of healing through the practice of conscious sexuality. That is something that the world needs today, something we have almost lost, but that many people are rediscovering.

As much as I enjoy my work, I am hoping to transition out of full escorting in the next few years. I am saving for a vocational course on massage and bodywork, which will hopefully open up alternate sources of income for me. I want to study somatic sex education practices, as well as to continue to study and practice Tantra. Perhaps I will continue with sacred whoring part-time, on a more selective basis.



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